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A Few Words

December 14, 2014
Posted at 2:23 pm

First off I'd like to say thank you to those readers out there who have sent me comments and feedback. It has been appreciated and very helpful.

I've just reposted Chapter Three because someone noticed a word that was definitely a mistake. I had written "Needless to say I was in bed before my wife even finished her supper." The word should have been shower. It has now been fixed.

Another reader has suggested I try out an external editior. I am considering that. I try my best to proof my own writting but I'm not perfect and I do have a few bad habits.

The other reason I've written this entry is to discuss the story. Some people have noticed that I've drifted away from the 'incest' aspect of the story and others have suggested I need to pump up the action in the chapters. In response, I'd like to apologize if the story isn't grabbing you. Perhaps I should throw in a 'slow' code as a disclaimer.

I do intend to return to the 'incest' portion of the story in upcoming chapters and I do intend to add more excitement and sexual content. When I started writing this I wanted to lay out to the readers the world that my characters had been plopped into and the conditions under which they were forced to live. Like life things sometimes take time to happen.

I hope this clarifies where I'm going with the story without going into any deals, and I hope that you the readers will hang in there while I tell my tale.