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David Needs a Car - Stupid Boy

December 13, 2014
Posted at 9:35 am

David is having his 16th birthday soon and someone thinks he needs a car... You, my readers, need to help him decide what to get.

Let's eliminate one car right off the bat... a Mustang. Tracy had one and there are a lot of stories that feature the car.

Let's think about David for a moment. Small town Midwestern boy. He has come into some money, but would not blow it on a car... his Mom would kill him. That tells us no Porsche or other high end cars.

David has mentioned a Jeep...

Midwestern boys love trucks... but he seems to double date a lot... plus have you ever made out in a truck?

Muscle cars would appeal to a young guy. A couple come to mind - Chevy Camaro / Dodge Challenger or Charger

Classic cars like the Pontiac GTO

Another option could be a Van... with a bed in the back ;-)

Let me know what David needs...

G Younger