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Whither "Jack"?

December 11, 2014
Posted at 2:40 pm

I received a smattering of feedback this past week ... and I have to say, I'm a little puzzled by it.

None of it was about any of the stories I've been writing lately, nor was it about anything I've published recently. Instead, it all boiled down to one basic question, over and over:

"When are you going to post more chapters of 'Listening to Jack'?"

And I have to say, my reaction to that is ... really????

"Listening to Jack" is my longest ongoing story, and possibly my most polarizing one. Based on the voting for it - and the comments I receive on it from time to time - it's something readers either love or hate. (It's certainly got the strangest vote distribution of any story I've posted on SOL.) I haven't published a new chapter for it in well over a year, and that's partly due to the comments I received on the last three or four chapters that I posted for it.

Most of those comments amounted to "this story sucks now" and "when is 'Listening to Jack' going to get good again?". And while comments like that aren't going to stop me from completing "Jack" - I've always had every intention of completing it - it's just left me much less motivated to work on it. I've got a lot of stories I'd like to write, and a limited amount of time for writing ... so I put "Jack" on the backburner to work on other things. I didn't think anyone would particularly mind.

However, I'm genuinely surprised that there's still interest in this one. So - for any of my 'regular' readers that happen to stumble across this blog post - do you really want more of "Listening to Jack"? Or do you prefer the more recent tales I've been writing lately instead? I'm curious.