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Editing Story

December 11, 2014
Posted at 8:46 am

Thank you to those who have provided me feedback on my story. One has pointed out a small error in my grammar that Microsoft failed to pick up and another has noted a point in regards to the actions of my principal character.

The grammar issue will be fixed over the course of the day. It won't change anything content wise in the story, so those following my tale don't need to go back and reread the chapters once they get reposted.

The technical issue will change content slightly. It was pointed out to me that my pipeline laying, while convent had a few drawbacks to it. One was that it was a tripping or navigational hazard for anyone moving through that area, or a possible hazard to any stock that might get out of their fields. The other point dealt with the fact that an above ground water pipe could freeze in extreme temperatures, which wouldn't be a great thing for Adam and his family.

Originally I wrote that description with two things in mind. One was pure convenience for our intrepid survivors and the other was that I was putting them in a region where the temperature rarely got down to freezing. In fact, I was remembering my tour of duty in Germany and the fact that I had only one cold winter during my four years there, and that we only had freezing temperatures once. That is why I wrote what I did.

However, the raising of the point got me thinking Jack (Adam) is supposed to be a farmer from the mid-west. It's a region that does get snow and freezing weather on a yearly basis and technically speaking Jack would have gone the extra mile and buried the pipeline or found some way to insulate it. What this means that I will be rewriting the text dealing with the pipeline set up and reposting it. However, since I've discussed the topic here, once again - no one needs to go back and reread the changes. Unfortunately, it will delay the posting of any new chapters for a day or two.

Again thanks for the feedback and I hope you continue to enjoy my tale.