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My First One!

December 11, 2014
Posted at 8:24 am

I received my first one last night. Amazing! I've seen a number of blog entries over the years referring to these miraculous occurrences. I've always wondered why someone would do it; especially since these people never provide any feedback. Personally, whenever I've started to read a story that I thought I'd might like, and then found out that I didn't, I normally just stop reading and move on. If I do keep reading and get to the point where I rate the story, I normally provide feedback to the author as to why I was scoring him the way I had. I mean its common courtesy. Anyway, I'll take my first 'one' rating as a badge of honour. As I said above, I've seen this complaint mentioned many times before on SOL, by many authors; some of whom are much better than my poor efforts.

Have a good day.