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Something to hold you for now

December 10, 2014
Posted at 2:50 pm

Yes, I'm still working on the next chapter of Band Geek Diary and have gotten bogged down in November. It's coming along, but it keeps growing. To hold you over, I just submitted a new story.

Alex is a transgender romance.

When I began this story, I found myself wondering, "what if the neighbor boy that moved away a few years ago comes back as a hot chick and we end up having a great romp in bed?" After all, what better fantasy could there be for a bisexual man than a 'chick with a dick?' But I try my best to write realistic stories, and as I researched gender transitioning and fought for the realism that I felt the story needed, it morphed into something beyond the fantasy.

I discovered that the process of transitioning is full of obstacles, emotional and physical pain, counseling, hormone therapies and some terrifying surgeries for those who choose to make their transition complete. As a result, my little stroke story took on more of a drama as our young heroine took her long journey to become herself. The story became more of a romance as well, as she seeks out the man who had been an anchor for her when she was a boy.

This story is dedicated to the real transgendered men and women in the world who face a long and painful voyage. I truly wish you all the best.