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Request -- Serving MS Walters

December 9, 2014
Posted at 12:45 pm

The other day I had a request for particular story type. I had never done a story for anyone before and sent an email back to the person saying I didn't feel qualified to write someone's personal fantasy. I added that, to be truthful, I wasn't currently writing as I had started a new life and becoming the person I could be taking up most of my time.

I wrote back that he loved the way I write, which I found hard to believe as my scores are never much above four. He stressed that whatever I did with the story he laid out would be wonderful at least to him. So I wrote it. The result was my newest story on here, "Serving MS Walters." Because of that request, I have started writing again. I am enjoying writing still my scores are low.

A person with no education is up against it when trying to write. I know that a mere GED doesn't match a high school diploma and certainly isn't a proper basis for being a writer. But I'm going to keep writing because I am writing for me and for anyone that enjoys what I write. Those that don't I'm sorry I don't measure up, but I am not going worry about it.

If you have a request for a story give me some details and I'll try my hand making something for you.

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