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Scarlett's First Story

December 8, 2014
Posted at 10:25 am

I have started my first story and I hope everybody likes it. My plan is to work on this story until it is completely finished because I can only think about one thing at a time. It is a fact that I spend most of my time now thinking about sex but I think that is sort of normal since I am a widow and only have my battery operated boyfriend to keep me company. This first story called, "A Bride for Seven Brothers" loosely follows the concept of the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" which I so dearly love. My story is not as benign as the original because I will get into the sordid facts of 7 lusty men getting close to the oldest brother's new bride before their wives show up on the scene. When all the brides are present, the cast of 14 men and women indulge in sexual sport that might offend some readers. I urge caution in reading if you have any reservations about raw sex between consenting adults. I have tried my best in insert a sense of romance into the story because at heart I am a complete romantic always questing for my perfect soul-mate. But in a choice between romance and pure unadulterated sex, I will opt for the latter because I am so deprived of it in my current circumstances. I know that there has always been a criticism of this scenario that the brothers were just using the brides for their own selfish pleasure but I tend to see it as a balanced relationship all around with a bit of in-law incest that is unavoidable in a house with 7 highly-sexed couples living together. The only thing I can promise is a "Happy Ending" to my first story. It will have a total of 9 chapters. I wish I had pictures to add to this story because it is so vivid in my mind. Miss Scarlett