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Paul's Story So Far

December 5, 2014
Posted at 12:29 pm
Updated: December 5, 2014 - 12:30 pm

To the wonderful people who have read my stories so far, thank you.

Everyone that has written me has given me encouragement to finish the story and to continue to write. Believe me, I have enjoyed the experience of writing and the experience of reading your comments. Thank you.

Funny thing is, at least two people have written me telling me that Paul should have chosen Tessa over Ashlee. That is a very interesting idea, one that I had not thought about. I had planned on Paul hooking up with Ashlee and the two of them walking off into the sunset together, it never really occurred to me that Tessa would be a better mate than Ashlee. Looking back on the idea, I see that there are several factors that would make the Paul Tessa relationship tough in the long term.

1) The age difference. Tessa is 17 while Paul is in his forties. That right there will almost certainly doom the relationship.

2) Paul is still friends with John and Krystal and Paul would have to approach them in an honorable way to ask for permission to date their daughter. That would be too weird for even me to write.

3) I fall back to the movie SPEED for my last point. Any relationship based upon an intense emotional shared experience is doomed to failure. I just don't see Paul and Tessa being anything more together than fuck buddies, and even that in the long term is not likely to work out.

I'm sorry, I just don't see it working out for Paul and Tessa in the long term.

Now, I have to admit that I screwed up the dinner with Maureen, Ashlee and Paul. That dinner scene was a disaster, Ashlee AND Maureen came across as money grubbing gold diggers instead of Ashlee coming across as the reasonable one that I had intended. For that, I'm really sorry. It was my intent to show Maureen as the crazy bitch she is and show Ashlee as the wonderful woman, if not a bit strange sexually, she is. When I finally get done with this story, I may have to rewrite that chapter and post it as an alternative. Nothing really hinges on that one chapter so rewriting it won't mess up the story as a whole.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on the story, it makes my writing time so worth it.