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Note to Readers: more Note To Self to come

December 3, 2014
Posted at 9:23 pm

First, I want to thank readers for the overwhelming support and praise I have received for Note To Self. I love you guys; thank you so much for the feedback.

My Afterword on Note To Self described how the story was inspired by a real person going through a real personal journey as she quite suddenly and unexpectedly discovered her bi-sexuality.

As I explained in the Afterword, Anna's fictional story of personal discovery is complete, but there is obviously a lot more romance to tell. Having fallen out of contact with my real-life muse I had determined to leave the sequel (romance/fulfillment) untold.

Well: good news! She read it. She liked it. She contacted me and encouraged me to continue, planting some plot seeds for me at the same time.

So if you are patient - and if you enjoyed the story of Anna and Susan in Note to Self - then there will be more to come.


Update on Goodbye Miss Granger. I'm just about to close out the penultimate chapter. Its about 30K words so far and I will need another break before I hit the finale - maybe to write some more Note To Self.


I asked a couple of questions in previous blogs and you guys replied in force. I started out with a personal reply to each of you, then when that got out of control you got a stock reply, and ultimately that got out of control too. There were so many emails I just couldn't cope, although I did read every single one.

Here's what SoL readers think about In Progress stories:
- Almost all readers HATE abandoned stories.
- Many of you are distrustful of In Progress stories; you will check the track record of the author before starting and give it a miss if there are other unfinished stories. But authors who establish a reputation for regular updates and completion will attract readers who read-as-you-post.
- Some of you bookmark in-progress stories that look promising and wait for them to complete before you read.
- Many authors who wrote to me will finish and edit a long story and then publish in regular installments to gain higher visibility on the main page and attract new readers (smart! I will do this with Goodbye Miss Granger)
- Many readers like to see a proposed publishing schedule in an author's blog

On the subject of non-erotic stories, my mail was overwhelmingly in favour of publishing them here. You guys will apparently read a shopping list if it's written by an author who has gained your trust for producing a good yarn.

Take care,