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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2014
Posted at 10:27 pm

I meant to do this yesterday but got in kind of late. So, I want to wish everyone a late Happy Thanksgiving! I have been working on some writing, despite the holidays, so I hope to have something to post soon, even if it is another "In Progress" project for you guys to lament over. I have been kind of working on five or six projects at once as the inspiration hits me. I haven't really had the kind of uninterrupted peace that would allow me to focus on one project and grind it out. Should that happen, I will probably try to finish up the next chapter for one of the two open stories I have going or try to wrap up the next story in the Magic at War Universe that I have been working on (Chameleon's Prey). As I wrote previously, that one has indeed gotten away from me. It is already approaching the length of Death and Love In Marjah and I don't really see the end of the story yet. The characters just keep leading me down the same road they are traveling.

I have also been working on In the Darkness Falling (the sequel to Enter the Darkness) and if I can wrap up the chapter I am on with that story, I will begin posting chapters on that one since I am about a third of the way through what I projected the book to be when I started it.

I am also about half done re-editing my next novel for publication on Kindle and trade paperback, the third in the Chronicles of The Samuelson quartet. I am hoping to get Reign of Prophesy finished up before Christmas.

That is all for now. Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season and try to celebrate in moderation (or have a DD on hand if you decide to indulge yourselves). Until next time . . .