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Reader Poll: Incomplete Stories

November 24, 2014
Posted at 2:05 am

How do you feel about stories with the yellow In Progress tag on SOL?

I'm not a fan. I want to know what I'm in for before I commit to read, and if it's going to putter along for dozens of chapters over the course of years then I'm not interested. And what if the work is abandoned? So that's the way I publish; finish the story, final edit, then out she goes.

Note I'm not talking about serials or episodic stories that can stand (mostly) alone.

Not everyone is like me though. Some people like it drip fed. What about you?

Reason I ask, I'm having trouble with my muse's attention span and now have four stories in draft. Some may never be completed if I lose interest. I'm disinclined to publish incomplete work without a commitment on size and timeline.