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Did my hero flip out a bit too much?

November 19, 2014
Posted at 2:54 pm
Updated: November 19, 2014 - 4:17 pm

A few readers have commented that Band Parent Billy got totally out of character by dumping so much rage on Abby in Chapter 2 of Abby the Flute Girl and part of me agrees. He was pretty harsh. The angle I approached the story from was 'if she's using sex as a weapon for blackmail, Billy should shoot right back.'

Looking at it in light of some of the feedback I got, I think I should do an alternate version where Billy uses tactics more like a martial arts throw. You let your opponent's momentum do the work and then your move throws them to the mat. I think I can do that.

Abby was based on a real character from when I was a Band Parent myself. She was my son's section leader for marching band when he was a freshman, and she was a beautiful little arrogant snot that terrorized the whole section and most of the parents that chaperoned the band, including me. Maybe that's why it felt so good to write that chapter. There were several Friday nights during football season when I wanted to take her out behind the press box and give her a whipping. I think her section might have even held her down while I did it.

Anyway, I'm going to leave this version up as a testament to every middle aged man who's ever had to endure a teenager like her. Look for a kinder, gentler Billy in the remake. Abby will still be a snot, but she'll come around.