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November 4, 2014
Posted at 6:46 pm

I see that Lazeez has made it possible to put links to Facebook or Twitter on the top of my profile page. You won't see me doing this. I had a Myspace page once. I had a Facebook page. For a very short time, I even had a Twitter account. I have deleted all of them. They're all gone and I won't be putting one up anytime soon. THIS, this blog, is the closest thing I do to "Social media." I think Facebook and Twitter are, as a rule, a poor idea for most people. I can see it coming, you're going to post something on Facebook or Twitter and ten years from now, you're going to lose a job because of something you said on Twitter or Facebook, yesterday. I won't do it. I have a cell phone and I have an e-mail account, two of them actually, a G-mail account I use for family and friends and an SOL e-mail account I use on SOL and other places I post my stories. If they can't get me on the phone or e-mail, I probably don't need to know about it. :)

I want to encourage EVERYONE in the United States, if it hasn't gotten to be too late, to go out and vote today. I don't care who you vote for, Just VOTE!