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Issue Wife--conclusion by aubie56

October 31, 2014
Posted at 10:59 am

Some time ago, I had offered to complete the story "Issue Wife" by DA Porter. He had written only one chapter, but I thought that it had so much promise that I volunteered to complete the story. Well, after too damned many years of delay, I have finally done that, and it is ready to post.

Unfortunately, I ran into all kinds of difficulties with doing that, both in real life and in figuring out a way to defeat the government. I resolved that latter problem at last and am now ready to post my effort.

This is the blurb for the story:

In an all too possible future, a war has claimed the lives of most of the young men in America. A rigid and deadly theocracy has arisen. It was decreed that in order for the population to recover, military men who were not married would be issued a wife. This is the story of one of those men and the wife that was issued to him. It is also the story of their fight against the establishment.==The first chapter was written by DA Porter, with a few very minor changes and some additions by me. The rest of the story can be blamed on me.

I hope you like my efforts. David certainly deserved the best that I could do.