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Link to 'A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe'

October 30, 2014
Posted at 5:03 pm

I posted 'A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe' as if it were a story. The Web Master let me know that was a no-no, and removed the story from the New Story list. I was given advice on how to provide my readers with access to the document and have implemented that advice.

To access 'A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe' go to the listing of New or Updated Stories. In the story's description box, click the D-Hopping Universe link. At the very end of the Universe's description there is a link to the document. Click on the link.

You should be able to access the link by selecting the universe Universes selection of the Home menu bar. The universe is new and was not listed earlier today.

'A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe' was prepared as a Reference Document/Tutorial. The setting for my D-Hopping stories is a diverse, extraterrestrial society and culture that is significantly different from Earth's society and culture. Information about the extraterrestrial society and culture is necessary as background information for the stories that will be posted in the Universe, but a story is not the place to provide the reader with extensive background information.

I personally feel that reading such a document is boring. However, a thorough understanding of the Multiverse culture and society will aid the reader in a better understanding of the story and some of the characters interactions. In 'Opening Earth' and my future stories, you will find 'Author's Notes' where I feel it is necessary to explain a facet of the Multiverse culture or society.

Thanks for your interest,