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Why I don't give much description for my stories.

October 26, 2014
Posted at 3:32 pm

Hello again. I'd like to thank everyone for the comments and the votes. Once again, I need to remind you these are reposts of some of my old stories from a different site. For various reasons, it's been over six months since I've posted anything. Not for want. I have over thirty short stories and five novels in progress, one a fantasy trilogy that I will actually be selling.

I like this site because it's much more loosely structured, just post, give a brief description, and leave it up to the readers. It doesn't have to fit into a narrow category. Most people who know or read me understand I don't exactly fit into any one category, I tend to overlap into a lot of areas as I go.

I don't give a lot of details, because I think the story is better if you don't exactly know where it's going or how it will turn out. You're intelligent enough to know after the first few paragraphs if you're going to like it enough to continue. Sometimes surprise is a good thing.

Again, thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to email me with your opinions.