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Who do I read?

October 18, 2014
Posted at 2:32 pm

I had a few readers ask who or what I liked to read on SOL. I find I read a lot, but there are a handful I look forward to. So here is a list (and I'm sure I will miss a few):

Anything by Old Man with a Pen. I love that he is unpredictable and keeps me entertained.

A Flawed Diamond - Jay Cantrell
Playing the Game - Rev. Cotton Mather
The Trailer Park - Wizard

Coming of Age
An Ordinary Sex Life - bluedragon
Summer Camp - Nick Scipio
Nick in High School - SmokinDriver

Time Travel
Redtail - arslov

Silver Wings - Joe J

Cheating Wife
Dilemma - Joesephus

I am always looking for a good story. Send me some of your favorites.

G Younger