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Idea mines and idea miners

October 11, 2014
Posted at 7:07 am
Updated: October 11, 2014 - 7:42 am

A foreigner like me who is not native English speaker who learned a little English in his older ages to reach his stories to be understanable for many readers is a great success against the vote rate.
I think my stories are idea chips for other authors as I found my story ideas at other stories from other authors or comments.
1. "Different Gyms Do Train the Body Better!" The central Cruel Revenge happened in the true life. A husband found his wife with a lover, but HE WAS SMART (and hunter)! He did not kill them, but he went to the basement and changed the lead particles in the bird hunting cartridges to salt. He shoot the cheaters by salt cartridge. The lover and the cheating wife escaped naked to the street. The husband started the divorce proceedings and the wife came to him to say she loved him alone, but they had not any kids so the husband sent her into the "hell". They divorced.
2. "Betli Must Be Played!" I read a cheating wife story, where the wife of a logistic center middle manager was a slut, who cheated with the subordinates of her husband. This story idea came to my mind during the reading that the 55% of the wives are extramarital sex in whole lifetime so such circumtensis that the other 2 leaders of a logistic center could have cheating spouses in their past. In this case they can be helpers for their clueless cheated fellow manager. That can be higher possibility to gather 3 leaders of a work place or 3 friends or 3 accidental neighbor men whose were cheating spouses in the past and they help a clueles or betrayed husband. The 55% of extramarital wife sex statistic can change this to be possibility. I use some background characters whose had cheating spouses in my other stories.
3. The central idea of "The Two Wimps" origins reading a cheating wife story where the groom of the daughter had cheating with the mother. I thought a story where the revenge against the cheating wife was served throught her daughters NOT TO SHOW HER THE GRANDCHILDREN! I think this is one of the biggest revenge against a cheating wife!
My stories can give idea mine to other readers who have some idea to write revenge or consequence stories as I used other author's stories and reader's comments. I became Revenge story author through reading revenge story examples, cheating stories or comments of stories.
To be revenge story author you should understand the most important generaly the murder IS NOT REVENGE! There are some exception, but the murder/death of cheating wife and the loverboy changes a story into a sad Consequence story...........
The true revenge types:
1. To find a better younger nicer woman instead of the cheating wife.
2. To destroy the cheating wife and the loverboy(s) future, but not to kill them.
3. To be the best parent at the kids (for example to earn the children custody).
4. To earn much fortune after/during the divorce.
and the 1-2-3-4 together could be the top.
Naturally a Consequence story can be interesting but sad emotion rollercoaster.
BTW I am writting (among more stories) a story where the betrayed (ex)husband said 1 sentence which would be the Central Revenge to destroy the ex-wife' future happiness. NO ANY MURDER!