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New Anomaly of the Fates!

October 3, 2014
Posted at 4:59 pm

For those languishing without new Anomaly of the Fates, I just submitted Chapter 7. It should be up later tonight or early tomorrow. It is not that long but it is an important one as Kiernan takes his first step along his new path as a sentinel while also getting hints that his death may not have been solely about him.

As for other stuff, I am getting close to finishing up the next chapter of Future Distorted and I am getting closer to finishing up two other new projects. One is another story in the Magic at War Universe and the other is something odd that came to me a little while ago but is taking me a while to work through. I may start working again on the Enter the Darkness sequel, In the Darkness Falling, since I finally came up with the way to work through the block I had on that one. If I get the chapter I was working on finished, I may start posting chapters on that one, though it will be with a slow posting schedule since I have so many open projects. Let me know which you prefer: slow posting or no posting until I get most of the book finished.

That is about all for this time, look for the next chapter of Future Distorted hopefully soon.