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A Stream Of Conciousness About My Stories

October 2, 2014
Posted at 4:35 am
Updated: October 2, 2014 - 4:51 am

For some reason, it has always felt to me like most of my stories contain underage sex. It amused me tonight, looking at my story stats here on the site, that of the twenty stories I have posted here, only FIVE have underage sex (Summer Roadtrip, Slut9, Triplet Troubles, Triplet Troubles 2 and Adam Knight.) My other fifteen stories only have older characters.

Now, three of my five top rated stories, have underage sex; Roadtrip, Adam Knight and Slut9. The other two that slip in to the top five are "Forever Flaccid" at number three and "Christmas Cums" at number five, both of which have only adult sex. For some reason, "Trip troubles," and it's sequel, don't even make the top ten. Why is that?

I have four rape stories; "Flight of Ishtar", "Water Works", "Who Fucked Angie McGee?"(sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone) and, technically, "Triplet Troubles."


Nope, that's not true. There is a fifth. There is a rape scene in the epilogue of "Adam Knight," (again, apologies if that's a spoiler) I almost forgot about that. I should never forget that one. I forgot to code it for rape when I posted that last chapter and a reader laid into me for it.

"Insomniac's tango", "What a night", "One Night of Romance", "Story of her body", "My Father's Garage" and "... With Cream Cheese Icing" (I love that title) are my short little romance stories. Most of which are, very loosely, based on my time with my wife of seventeen years.

"Weekend at the lake" is the only wife swapping story I've written and is also the only story I've written by request. An online friend, a young man, who had a serious crush on my wife, requested I write a story about him and his then girlfriend coming to visit and us switching partners. The names have all been changed to protect.... everyone. He has since married, had a child with, and divorced the young lady, from what I've heard. He and my wife don't talk anymore.

I've made no secret of the fact that "Flight of Ishtar" was little more than a test to see what kind of horror story I could write. No, it's not really a horror story, just a story that is far kinkier than I usually write. It's also the only story that I've posted that is, technically, unfinished. But I said from the beginning that it may never be finished.

I have a few more stories in the works - I always have eight, ten or twelve stories in the works, doesn't mean I ever finish them - that will sorta, kinda push those boundaries again if/when they ever get written and finished.

And finally there are my quirky stories... "Solomon's Tower," my only dalliance into the fantastical world of magic. And the last thing I published here, "Pie, in the first person." Along "Forever Flaccid" "Who Raped Angie McGee" and "...With Cream Cheese Icing" another where I love the title, often more than the story.

The Title for "Angie McGee" came to me first. I then built a story around the title. My wife actually named "Forever Flaccid." In case you didn't know it, "roadtrip" is supposed to be two words.

I have dreams of writing another sequel to "Triplet Troubles", I hope, someday, to develop "Adam Knight" into a series. I have dreamed of writing another "Roadtrip" but I don't know if it'll ever happen. I think it was a once in a lifetime thing. I also hope to write a few more stories in the "Solomon's tower" universe. I have a few ideas for Adam Knight and Solomon's Tower sequels but they're just ideas at the moment. And of course, someday I want to write all three books of the "Ishtar" series.

My downloads aren't as impressive as others. I saw in a blog the other day that some author here has hit the one million downloads mark for his story. Sorry, I don't remember who the author was, or what the story was. All twenty of my stories add up to just over 99,000 downloads. How about every one go read, or reread my stories. Lets see if we can get my downloads up over 100,000 by the end of November? Who's up for it? :)

While I haven't posted anything in a while. I am writing. I never stop writing. I think I would keep writing even if I was never allowed to publish another story. It's just a part of me now. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for some where over ten years now, probably more like fifteen. I don't know exactly because I took my early stories down and lost the date they were first posted (they've all been reposted now)... oh well...

I know. Rather pointless, wasn't it? I was feeling nostalgic and allowed you to wander through my mind for a few minutes. Scary place, huh? :) Thanks for reading.