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So, Phase 1 of A Sharing Pact is done.

September 24, 2014
Posted at 7:02 am

....and I'm making some real headway on My Wicked Ways. I see the progression, natural as it is flowing of late, as being one toward a community that will help ensure the survival of Man in the post-apocalyptic future. Hence why Mark emphasizes procreation so much, though not the only reason by any means.

I'm toying with breaking off into a spin-off serial once the honeymoon cruise is set to begin. Yes, in case you wondered, I'm moving Jean-Baptiste in a feminized direction, but to be fair, he wanted that. The character begged me to feminize him, so I've started doing so. He will keep his cock, however, at least for now, same with his balls.

As for how much Mark loves his partners, well, he loves them a great deal. That's no lie. Though the numbers of partners have grown since Ninve's original risque offer, he loves each and every one of those delicious lovers of his, male and female alike, though it is still tougher to realize with the former for him.

It's like that TJ Sheppard song...."I Loved 'em everyone."

As for Mind Over Managers, so much to do with fucking much, but it will be worth your while. Stay tuned.