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Let's get this party started...

September 11, 2014
Posted at 10:04 pm

I am just starting to write again, after a whole bunch of years. I've never shared anything with anyone before and don't have any of the old stuff so everything I post here is new; written in the last month or so. I prefer short story format for now because I just don't have the patience for anything longer. I find inspiration to do it hard to come by.

The woman who inspired the original female who stared in the stories I wrote most recently has asked that I don't post anything that includes something she inspired. As a result the woman in the stories, now, is usually a friend who has Daddy issues. She is half my age and it fits the role nicely. I call her Annastasia. My name is Edwin Smith.
None of this stuff actually took place. It's all a figment of my imagination. They are all inspired by a real event, but that event has been altered slightly. If you recognize bits of a conversation or some other such thing, believe me, you're mistaken. I made it all up. Usually.
I love to hear what you have to say about my stories, but please keep in mind that I write mainly for me. These come from a need inside to express myself and they write themselves; for the most part.