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What a wasted yet productive year

September 6, 2014
Posted at 6:10 pm
Updated: September 6, 2014 - 6:19 pm

I really learned how to write here at Stories On Line.

The more you do something, the better you get at it, and then there is 'real reality' and how that kicks into this mess is a VERY long story indeed.

Sometimes you have to have a very unusual outlook on life in order to 'figure the angles' and since I just happen to flat out SUCK with Money, but I am VERY GOOD with technology, what you have been reading is a chunk of 'what I have been doing this year' and it was trying to put this odd idea together.

Now, when this took off, I'd just 'zinged one' past the entire United States Intelligence community and I flat out figured that the United States of America owes me one. After all, if you graduated from high school in 1967, were unmarried, healthy and male, thy higher ups wanted you to go fight a war that the Sec of Defense has admitted he knew was lost in 1964. I graduated and went to Detroit (where I was originally from, fyi) and got a job and was in an auto accident and just decided that it was late July and I had an urge to see some friends of mine before they left in for the Army in August and next day after I got home, they raided a blind pig and that was the last I saw of the Detroit I had grown up in. 1969, whole new country and the whole 'Fucking Long Hairs!' and all that bit with 'you should obey them, they know more than you do!' authority structure stuff we stuff everyone's heads full of about how 'important it is to go to school' and get educated and all that so you can get a good job when you grow up.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; dropouts. QED. You do NOT need to go to college to be a success.

Wayne State University with it's inner city campus and very cool architecture was where I wanted to go and I did. Three burglaries and three murdered friends of mine and off to California I went. You really do make friends for life when you're that age going through that kind of stuff that was happening in 1970. Jim Janis and Jimmy, Beatles breaking up, Kent State, Winter Soldier, Viet Nam, (it was two words in those days) and you wonder WTF was that all about? Oh, they just decided to kill you so they could make a profit on the deal. The Military Industrial Complex made a killing on killing three million people and that was not what I was brought up to believe America stood for.

Being an American has always been an odd thing as far as history goes. We had famous battles upon this continent, yet the most famous and 'actually historically significant world wide' was one in which only Americans were killed.

We invented modern industrial warfare and have achieved the highest killing rate ever achieved in life taking, at least as far as 'lives per hour' statics go one night in Tokyo and this military powerhouse that the United States depended upon to 'keep it free' consumed enormous amounts of money to keep up to date.

What 'The Qubit Comedy & Drama Hour' represents is an odd reality that is not our own. In a Quantum Universe you have this theory about Multiverses, where 'everything happens' and just how you select which reality becomes real is part of 'how you play Detroit' in a very real sense.

'Time Travel is Impossible' is a tongue in cheek phrase that the whole show states is a fact. I think most of you reading this will agree with that statement as being true, or 'more or less true under normal circumstances' and so the idea of a group of time traveling aliens dropping in on a group of black people in a run down bar in Detroit Michigan is just so far off the charts flat out impossible you just KNOW that I'm having you all on, right? (Nod your head, 'Your not under alien control are you?' Oops, that was supposed to be 'shake your head', Take 2!)

First off, what you are looking at is a weapons system designed to break off the Religious Right's control of the Republican Party. I'm using laughter against them as a psychological warfare tactic.

And attempting to attract a world wide viewing audience at the same time. Not going to happen, so I just decided to chuck this whole thing out on the net and let whomever wants to have a whack at writing stories set into the World Game One: Detroit 2015! Universe after it's set up.

What happens inside the first five weeks is 'Jessica daddy outs himself as a time traveler' and 'Jessica Meets New Friends!' and 'Adults freak out!' and there is Jessica with her two gal pals, two 'pet rabbits' (and they pick up the nicknames 'rabbits' because they have very prominent buck teeth,) and they have to be looked out for constantly. They are hayseeds from out of the past and if this thing had actually gone on, they'd have probably been some super sharp skinny ass white students from the University of Georgia who'd have been prepped very well as to 'what words they would have used' and 'what they would have thought about stuff' and 'what their everyday lives would have been like' and I'm sure some Southern reenactors would have been willing to show those boys what the Southern soldiers carried and shot and how 'living on campaign' was done back in the day.

Some of this stuff that was prepared for this 'had this ever gotten that far in real life' World Game has to do with stuff like logistics, designs, contests, performers being willing to play the Time Traveler's Ball and financials concerning the actual salvage operation of an American city by six hundred thousand contestants from every country in the world.

I design systems I suppose you could describe what I am best at in life, but I am not good with 'money' as we know it today. So I designed a system which actually would have been able to actually be used to produce a 'World Game' and that is what the second 'five weeks' of "Jack's World" would have been dealing with. How do you 'smuggle in' an entirely different economic system so you can actually HAVE a World Game? We all know 'time travel is impossible' so obviously you're not going to buy into time traveling aliens, even if they are somewhat disguised as old refrigerators, or Paris Hilton Clones, right?

TV Land isn't real. The Internet is real.

How TV Land effects our own reality you only have to understand that I live where BJ Hunnicutt was from.

Anyone who was a fan of the show MASH can figure that one out because it's culturally relevant to you. Deliberately setting out to have a TV show kicked off the air? Does not compute unless you look at How Much Money 13 hours of prime time on Saturday night costs. If we can get the heave ho and go straight to Net, there goes all of our major costs, right?

'The Zombie Show That Can't Be Killed' is created with network lawyers saying we can't get out of our contract to buy the air time and the Republican 'Value Voters' all up in arms and the bigots lined up right behind them, all the while Terri 'Spin!' Steele (who I'd hoped to sign Paris Hilton to play, for REAL!) and Agent Triple X of the Time Patrol (also played by Ms. Hilton) goes to 'as raunchy as possible' humor (without going X rated) to get the show kicked off the air and NOTHING WORKS! The show gets into 'free speech' and 'anti religious' cannot actually be said to apply as there is not one single mention of belief systems at all been aired.

I really don't need the stress of this, so letting go of this doesn't matter at all after the fifteenth of this month deadline that is coming up, well, walking away seems to be the wise thing to do. Nobody has the balls to say anything at all here in America against the people who run this nation, and the fact that this little odd piece of probably Anti American Propaganda should ever be allowed to air? Are you seriously out of your fucking mind?

"Why do you ask that? I'm an American, there is no 'right mind' to be in here anymore, so I'm afraid you have the advantage on me there, sir. I gather your adjusted to your nation's enchantment with high technology, correct?"

I am not a Christian. Just thought you should know that. I'm not a Moslem, either, and the particular off shoot I follow of Zen has no other practitioners so besides not being any of those, I'm also not a Democrat or Republican, and I don't believe in the Almighty Dollar either, so obviously I'm not from around here.

Speaking of which, I suppose I should get the Pitching Paris Hilton manuscript cleaned up a bit and put it up for sale on eBay or whatever it is. Amazon? Okay, I'm only in this for the money, you see?

Now, how 'Un-American' is that?