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Swarm Story

September 4, 2014
Posted at 6:29 pm

Tulak: Battle of the Ridge A Swarm Cycle story has been submitted for posting. It's a little different from most of other Swarm Stories.

About a month and a half ago one of the authors, John Lewiston, started talking about battles with the alien Swarm (that discussion ultimately resulted in a chapter within "Stewart's Second Mission"). And one of my characters insisted she was a warrior and that I should write about her.

The next evening I had about 1200 words. Life happened and I had some discussions with a couple other writers. They thot I should fix a couple things and throw it open to the (authors') board.

Well, a couple things became a bunch of little things, clarifications, discussions and calculations on laser crystals and REAL LIFE.

The story is much better (Thanks Folks!) and a bit over 5K words. And unlike the *Starship Bloopers* movie there's no time for sex on this Battlefield!

Enjoy it anyway. ;D