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Keep the Comments/Suggestions Coming

September 2, 2014
Posted at 7:58 am

Hey folks - With school back in session, I hope to be able to get to things a tad quicker (no promises). I've enjoyed the questions/comments and have tried to incorporate them when possible.

First, some of you have said the "sex" is a little much and that you'd rather get back to the 'story'. Hopefully, I'll be doing that in the near future.

Second, expect the 'real time' of the story to pick up a bit (skipping days or maybe a week or two). I felt it necessary to go into a good bit of detail (2-3 chapters per STORY DAY) at the beginning because a ton or tonne of things were happening, which will be key to future developments.

Third, the NIS aspect is STILL a good ways off, both in this story and in 'real time'. Story wise, it will be mid- to end-October into the new year. Real time wise, I can't image getting to that point in writing it until late this year or early into 2015.

This story has taken off in a few different directions than I anticipated when I envisioned it BUT I am enjoying these new off-shoots.

Again, keep the questions, concerns, comments coming. I'll do my best to reply to them in a timely fashion and also provide a rational, when needed, for why I'm writing/doing things as I'm working on this story.

Have a great September (school year, if you are there) and late summer (100 degrees on Sept. 1st - got to love Alabama!)