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New story on the way, seeking editor help

September 2, 2014
Posted at 2:38 am

So, I'm supposed to be on hiatus from writing, taking it easy after wrapping up the epic-length tale that was Lightning in a Bottle. Yeah, right. Fat chance. One of my story ideas took off in my mind, and I have a good chunk of the story written already. I won't be posting any of it until it's complete, or nearly so; don't expect to see it for a month or more.

It's a romantic tale with no time travel or sci-fi aspect, so it's different from LiaB in that way. No rock and roll, baseball or coming of age stuff either. Still, I think many fans of LiaB will enjoy it. (fingers crossed) The story will most certainly have the "slow" code, and probably the "Minimal Sex" designation as well. That's not to say that this will apply to all of my future stories, but it will to this one. It's a medium length story that will probably have 15-20 chapters, certainly no more. (I'm done with epics for a good long while.)

Now is probably the right time to put out a request for editing help. I'm interested in help in two areas: a grammar and spelling editor, and a content editor. It would be a BIG help to find a content editor who has spent some time in China and is familiar with Chinese culture. :)