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The Redhead

August 31, 2014
Posted at 3:25 pm

I will be re posting my first story written approximately four years ago. Originally it was 32 chapters and some of them were short, I have had it re edited by the able RadioLes, he has done a workman like job of cleaning up my scribblings. Even so I have gone back and tweaked some more, so an error to may have crept in. This version is ten chapters, each is a compilation of 3-5 of the original.

Some of this story is true, some is pure fantasy, the identities of the guilty and the innocent have been changed to protect them and in some cases my memories have become clouded by time.

I write to try and tell an interesting story, I hope you agree.

I appreciate constructive critisism and suggestions, please let me know your thoughts and critiques.

The first chapter will be posted in a day or so.