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"A Son's First Love" by Renpet

August 26, 2014
Posted at 5:01 pm

I don't yet have reviewing privileges on SOL, but I just read Renpet's, "A Son's Love" and had to say something.

In one way, Renpet's latest, "A Son's First Love" is a typical Renpet story, in that it is almost perfect in every respect. It's well-written, well-paced, and damned arousing. In another way it's atypical: it's about a young man's desire for his mother.

I do not have the "mom" kink, but Renpet's description of David's mom is breathtaking. Many of the small details that are missing from a typical erotic story are here, adding to the sense of verisimilitude. The soft feel of a woman's ass, the sensation of fabric sliding across silky fabric, the damp tassels of a woman's hair across her forehead after making love.

Every Renpet story I have read has taught me something about writing erotica. Anyone wanting to improve their writing should read his stories and pay attention to how he describes settings, action, and most of all, women.

Ah, the women. I think that Renpet loves each woman that he writes. I applaud myself that this is something that I have learned from him.

As always, his description of David's first time is deliciously delayed, raising the tension in the narrative.

I have read many of Renpet's stories on ASSTR. I am glad to see him on SOL, and I look forward to many more of his stories. I give "A Son's First Love" the highest possible recommendation and score!

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