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The Power of the "1"

August 17, 2014
Posted at 3:00 pm

For most of my "Sarah and Greg" stories, there have been one or two people who really hate the stories and express it through voting "You Call this a Story?". I believe, this counts in the initial raw score for the rating as a "1".

I don't know if it is the same one or two people who hate it, but this seems ridiculous as they would have to go out of there way to vote against the story. Or just by random chance, one or two people accidentally stumble upon the story, read it (I hope), and pan it.

I will admit that I have read a story which I should not have. I saw the tags so I knew what was coming, but my curiosity got the better of me. I was so creeped out that I voted a very low score, although I can't remember how low nor the name of the story. Later I realized that the author might have been going for "creepy" in which case it was amazing.

Now one of my most recent stories (although 9 of the 20 votes, as of this writing, would question whether it really is a story), The Seduction of My Power, has been hated? despised? vilified? evoked strong negative emotion. Since this is the largest number of people who have objected to one of my stories, I feel forced to deal with it.

I don't want to dismiss the critics automatically as people who should have seen the tags and been forewarned. Was my writing for this story truly weaker than previous stories? (I definitely went for a different style.) I also don't want to over-inflate my ego since one person who voted rated it as "Most Amazing Story". But it is very tempting to dismiss the critics and tell myself that the "Most Amazing Story" vote was someone who caught the nuances of a brilliant work of prose. (I know it wasn't brilliant, but my ego thanks the person who found it "Amazing".)

Ultimately, without any specific feedback, my take away is that the story line for The Seduction of My Power is not a popular plot. So the question, I really need to ask myself is "Why am I writing?" Am I writing to make others happy or is that just a bonus when it happens?

I haven't fully answered the question, but I know that I take some pleasure in writing. My goal is to be comfortable enough to get back to the novel I started nine years ago. However, after having written so many sexually explicit stories, perhaps the issue when I get there, is how to tone the language down to something I would let my kids read.