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Eden Rescue--chapter 39

August 14, 2014
Posted at 10:30 am

A reader e-mailed me yesterday, suggesting that "maybe there's some way the Edenites could help Amanda." Good idea; I wonder whether that reader's been looking ahead.
Another reader, professing to be an erstwhile Glaswegan (resident of the Scottish city of Glasgow) wondered why MacPherson is the only character to speak with an accent, which he said was barely intelligible as I write it. Actually, if you'll think back quite a few chapters, there was another accented character, that one with a Teutonic accent. I got started with Mac's Scots burr back when he was intended only to be a minor character; when he grew more important to the story I just kept it up. I don't profess to be all that knowledgeable about Scots pronunciations and dialect, but I'm also aware that they're quite regional even in that small country. I hope readers are able to follow his speech OK; I think it adds a bit to his characterization. Many people, I've found, deliberately seek to set themselves apart by the mode of their speech; if you'll recall, this was specifically an issue in the first book of this trilogy.
There was a third reader who pointed out that an increase in local gravity wouldn't affect buoyancy in water. True; but if you find you weight half again as much without any increase in size or surface area, you're not going to be real happy trying to swim.
Thanks very much to those others who've also commented. It flatters me to know that readers are so caught up in my story,