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Requests and updates

August 14, 2014
Posted at 1:08 am

Hey guys, just wanted to update those of you who have been following DarkFyre and let you all know that I have been making some progress. Not as much as I'd like at the moment, but it's coming along nonetheless.

I probably ought to do this more often, especially as the gaps between my postings get a bit longer as they have been lately, just so my readers don't think I'm, y'know, dead.

I'm looking for a handful of regular readers who feel they have a good understanding of my story, particularly in the area of the characters and character development, who would be interested in helping me out.

I need a few people to read over a section of the next chapter, and give me their opinion on a few specific elements that will give me some outside perspective on how some new developments are coming across. I don't need proofreaders or editors, though if you spot an error and wanna tell me, cool.

If you feel like you fit the bill and would like to help, drop me a message, and I can let you take a look at the section in question, and ask a few specific questions.

This will help me to get some perspective from the outside view of the issue in question, and help me to move through writing this next chapter more quickly and smoothly. And you get to have a little sneak peek of some upcoming content! ;)

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who are interested! In the meantime, I shall keep plugging away!