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It's Been About A Month

August 9, 2014
Posted at 3:30 pm

As I stated in a previous blog that my life is busier so writing and posting will be less often. It doesn't help that the story I was writing just wasn't working so I deleted it. So I started again and so I've posted Chapter 1 of a new story, Kristin Anne Carruthers, Queen of the College.. In my desire to write stories of all kinds I've decided for this story to be about a girl with her first taste of adult freedom goes wild and so enjoys the excesses of life that she wants it all. I don't know how long the story is going to be or exactly what the end result will look like but I get accused of making it up as I go along all the time in life and my writing.

So enjoy and make every vote a 10. Remember every voter who gives a 10 receives a pair of panties*. Chapter 2 is already in process and I've already written the word "penis".

* Not eligible outside the continental U.S. or within the Milky Way galaxy. Shipping is extra. I don't want to know about handling.

Have an amazing weekend!