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July 27, 2014
Posted at 10:49 pm
Updated: July 27, 2014 - 11:00 pm

After an extremely snotty (and anonymous, of course) criticism feedback on Peppermint Arousal I've posted a minor rewrite.

Because regardless of the tone, parts of the criticism was spot on. I think the story reads better now, and gives you a better picture, even in the short format, of Sir, Slave, and Sir's playroom.

I've disabled anonymous feedback due to the person's attitude, however, regardless of how accurate some of it might have been.

I have no doubt that he voted the story a "1". "SOL doesn't have a low enough rating for this trash".

His tone was like me walking into your house, as an invited guest, and saying, "Where'd you get your furniture? Salvation Army? Your decorating style sucks, and the meal you just served me tastes like something dredged from a sewage treatment plant."

He started off with "I read a lot of BDSM stories". Guess what? I bet he knows nothing of the lifestyle. He's never experienced being a Dom or a sub. He's clueless about the fact that most good Doms....started as subs. He's never been in subspace. He doesn't even know what that is.

If you don't like a code in a story I write here, don't read the story. I don't fucking need you. I'm old enough (probably older than you) to deserve to be cynical. And a bit of a curmundgeon.

In fact, I'll take it a step further. If I get 10 feedbacks in the next 24 hours telling me to "go away", I'll stop posting. I'll ask management to REMOVE my stories. Every single one of them.

There are other sites where the users will appreciate my work. I have 21 novels posted in Kimdle format on Amazon. It's not like I need SOL. This is just a place to scribble and play with ideas.