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What Am I Doing?

July 18, 2014
Posted at 10:19 pm

This is my first entry in the blogosphere. I've written four pieces, and have gotten some fair scores, but I can't seem to get anything higher than a 7. What am I doing wrong?

One of the writers I love to read has basically told me, don't worry about the scores; write what you like.

Someone else has said, get someone to edit you, especially for the grammatical errors. So far, I've resisted, relying on my own ability to spot grammar mistakes (after all, I've been a teacher for a number of years), but I cannot have someone edit my content, especially if I don't know what the problem is.

I hope someone can point me in a good direction, without telling me to get an editor.

I will continue to write for me, at least until someone gives me something concrete to work with.

BTW, this particular series is slated for a 'year in the life', with a surprise at the end. Spring and summer are already past, but not 'in the can', so to speak. I hope to get spring out in the next couple of weeks, and summer will come out a couple of weeks after that. Late summer, early fall will come out when it is done, probably in November.

You see, with my job, I can only write a paragraph or two at a time, and I have no 'man cave' to which I can retreat to write. That might explain why sometimes I repeat myself or come at something a little differently in one part of the story and a little differently later.

Can you all live with that?

Thanks for reading, at any rate!