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Oops - failed email address

July 17, 2014
Posted at 8:02 am

Well, that stinks!

For my foray into fiction writing, I picked a story I'd been turning over in my head for years, and I made a new Yahoo email address to maintain my privacy. I could just see one of my assistants poking her head in my office and saying "Hey! Are you the Ellen Smith who writes sex stories in Stories Online?"
Apparently some people liked Mina's Children. I got a couple "you mis-spelled that word" and quite a few "I loved it!" emails. I replied to every one.

Worked great for about a day and a half. Now, for some reason, Yahoo says my password is no good. Maybe I can call them and spend half a day talking with a support guy who may or may not feel like resetting that account for me. How could I prove I deserve it? I lied on every single identity question. Screw it.
Made a new one. I am now 'WendyS12345' on Yahoo. I proved it worked. I logged out of Yahoo. Restarted the computer. Logged in by "copy and paste" both the user name and the password from my notes, to verify it wasn't me if there was a problem, the same way I did it when I created the new account. Same as the original, by the way. Maybe this one will stick.
And I apologize to anyone who tried to email me. I answered every email I received with the old email address. If you didn't get a reply, you sent it after Yahoo locked me out. Please try again.

Yahoo? You can probably cancel that 'WendyS5432111' account. There's no one in the world who should be using it.