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Without My Consent

July 10, 2014
Posted at 4:07 pm

I have received an e-mail from a reader who found one of my stories, SLuT9, posted on another site. He inquired whether I had posted the story there or not. I had not.

The site used to be called but seems to have changed its name to at some point recently.

First, I want to thank the person who wrote to me, I already thanked them, privately, in an e-mail and thank them now, here, publicly.

I also want to say that the story was posted more than a year ago now, that I contacted both the person posting the story, as well as the site management, asking them to remove the story. The poster agreed, and has stopped posting anymore of the story. He stated he also asked the site to remove the story, to my knowledge, neither of us got any kind of response and the story remains.

Another poster posted more chapters of the same story on the same site a few months ago. Again, I wrote an e-mail to the poster, and to the site management, but got no response from either this time.

This site, formerly known as XNXX, has a history of this. I'm not the only author this has happened to.

I can't make these people take the story down, or better yet, take the site down but I do encourage anyone who reads my stories, or my blog, to please, don't give these people your business.

Storiesonline is a wonderful site for erotic stories and there are hundreds of others out there, some good, some bad. You don't need to read your stories on a site that STEALS stories. If you have a membership with XNXX / please, quit. If you've never been there, stay away.

Thank you.