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Way, entirely, COMPLETELY overdue blog (plus updates)

July 10, 2014
Posted at 3:35 pm

MUUUUCH belatedly... DarkFyre Chapter Twenty One has been submitted for posting.

I am NOT dead, I promise!

Seriously though. My sincere apologies for the much, much too lengthy wait on this chapter to all my regular readers. I hit a whole bevy of snags and changes and delays. Life got away with me for awhile. I will do my sincere and honest, absolute best to not take so long on the next one! I may manage to get the next chapter out quicker, or it may take awhile again. I can't say for certain.

But what I can say is this! I WILL finish this story! Even if it takes me longer to get the remaining chapters out, I will not let this story go uncompleted! So please, everyone, bear with me as I move forward in this work!

Thank you so very much, everyone, for the continued support and encouragement on my work. I sincerely appreciate every one of you! And I hope everyone enjoys this and it was at least semi-worth the wait while I got back on track!