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Surprise! I'm left handed

July 9, 2014
Posted at 12:41 pm

This is the Western that I will start posting on Friday, 7/11/14. The blurb tells what it is about:

John Oakley was your average Federal Marshal escorting a sadistic sociopath, Jess McFarland, to trial for a new crime when he was ambushed, tortured, and left to die or not as the fates chose. He survived and became a bounty hunter. He was fired from his Federal Marshal job because of what his captors had done to his left knee and right hand. This is the story of John's three-year search for his tormenters. John's primary weapon became a shotgun firing "buck and ball."

The story only covers these three years in 10 chapters, so I don't want to hear about an abrupt ending, etc. I may write a sequel if there is enough interest, but this is all I intend to write at the moment.