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Thank for the Emails

July 6, 2014
Posted at 1:58 pm

I wish to thank the many readers who pointed out omitted words, misspellings, and other grammatical errors to me. I will be posting updated chapters today to correct those errors. The content has not changed. My most commented on error appears to be the use of 'intern' instead of 'inter'. I have evidently mispronounced the word for years, and being a phonetic speller, I oops'd.

I am currently trying to finalize a new story, but it seems to have taken on a life of its own for it just keeps growing. The first problem I had with the story was that the story is about a man from a fictional society, his activities here on Earth, and the interaction between the two societies. The problem was I needed to define and describe the new society within the story, and it dragged so much that the details killed the story. I realized that I would most likely evolve the story into either a series of stories or a story universe. I solved the problem by stripping the detailed information from the story and incorporated it into a Reader's Guide. I then expanded the culture's description, and the guide is now over 44 pages in length; but it still needs review and editing, so it may grow some more. Now I will be able to reference the Reader's Guide to explain aspects of the fictional culture that are too extensive to define in a story.

What this means for Ancient Abilities, Part 2 is that continuation of the story will be delayed.

Once again, thank you for your many comments.