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Thanks for Review

July 2, 2014
Posted at 9:48 am

Fuzzy Wuzzy reviewed ....Sponge Cake. I tried to correct errors but should have sent the chapters off to the two editors and a proof reader, but I didn't.
Lot of reasons, mainly one has enough on his plate, another never wants his name used on most.

I am a West Ponder, but I don't think in 17 years in schools that I ever had an American English Instructor.

E-Zed, colour, honour etc. and a 7 with a line through was standard English I thought. Worked many years with the Brits and Aussie, A.D.F. but never in-country there. 11 years everywhere else, outside the U.S. though. So I tend to use the Queen's English, watched her Coronation in'54 and ..... Oh Well, This story or sequels in the same Universe should go on, for a bit I hope. Getting older so if I 'kick off' everything may not get finished. When I get in the mood, I'll try to go back and 'fix' earlier mistakes. I write under more than one Pen, so be patient. Fell free to write in the Universe, it should be more happy than sad though. Thanks for the review Fuzzy and to you readers, I'll try to keep it interesting.