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Wish out

July 1, 2014
Posted at 3:25 pm

I am posting another section, I call it Chapter 3. The new Pete and his Kathy are pretty nice people, aren't they. At least in Chapter 3 they are.
Why is there a caution or violent code, these are just plain good folk, right. Maybe, maybe not. It looks like at least one portion of their first task was easier than anyone thought. Ha, Ha, Ha!

This is not just a do-over. I added sci-fi but in the story everything is, even today, in this time, under investigation and experiment. Science today has mastered teleportation, albeit only 100 feet or so.(Q'bits, Computer to computer, no linkage between them).

What will be included in this storyline is no different than 18th or 19th century man being shown, Video/TV, an A-300 Jumbo Jet or pictures of the nuclear or a neutron bomb exploding.(modified hydrogen weapon, kills people mostly, not structures).

I might stretch the facts a might, but the basis for everything is or will be true. Think of the story as if Alchemy was real, like making gold or diamonds from base materials, impossible, right. Wait, they do that already.

Thanks, just hope readers enjoy the story. I used someone's Universe and hope it fits what it was intended for. My story characters will be heroes.