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Sponge Cake

June 28, 2014
Posted at 3:33 pm

Well, what started out as a 5 chapter story, has reached 9, maybe 10 already and its still at Tuesday after Memorial Day there. None of the girls will tell me what happened to Vicky. They keep saying to ask Mandy, not even her Mom will tell me anything. I asked Mary and Jen as to how many collars they were buying? Do you know what they told me! "Ask Mandy!"

Like I'm paying right? I even asked Belle how much money she allotted them? Her answer was, "Enough!"

Anyhow. I don't know what to do! I know, I know, they tell me that all the time. I just can't believe in 9 chapters that I still don't know a lot of stuff. Nothing on Angela yet.

I don't even know what kind of car, or cars Mary and Jen are getting either. I forgot, on purpose maybe, the little explosion that will happen when Ben and John hear about their girls moving in . They have to tell them both, I as sure as Hell am not.

Wait, I found a note from Mandy. Sec, let me look. Uggh, it's all 'girly stuff' to buy at the CVS and Walgreen's. As soon as I know about Vicky I'll tell you. Forget about when I'll hear anything about Angela, Military Intelligence could learn things about secrets from these girls.

Be back, I think.