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June 22, 2014
Posted at 7:26 am

I received an anonymous comment, of course, from someone who said I was being disrespectful to women by my use of "Bitch" or "Slut". I think it was in my story "Impregnating Julie. I am going to say, since I could not answer the person directly, that I'm pretty happy with the story and I don't care. Don't read my shitty, pornorgrapic drivel if you don't like the way I write. I am pretty sure most of what I write is pretty offensive to someone.

Second, someone asked me why I have so many unfinished stories. Well that is because I start stories and then don't finish them. Again this is free nonsense, all of them are pure stroke story porn.

I am a lazy writer, of that there is no doubt, so I am warning everyone that my stories are not proofread well, and I'm likely not to finish the story.

The good news is I am writing a lot now so I might get a bunch of stuff finished up for anyone who can overlook my massive personal flaws.