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Final Chapter of Ancient Abilities Posted

June 20, 2014
Posted at 11:09 am

Dear Reader,

Part 1 of Ancient Abilities is now complete. I thank you for remaining with me to the end of the first story, and I hope you enjoyed this part of Jim, Cathy, and Sam's saga.

Part 2 of the saga is nothing more than a broad outline in my mind. During Part 2, Jim, Cathy, and Sam will be engaged in carrying out the Guidance Council's plan. Cathy and Sam will be busy finding harem members for Jim, and Jim will be busy fathering the future members of the Core Group of the Organization he will create.

During the past month or so, a number of my readers have offered suggestions and ideas as to the direction I should take Part 1 of the story. Many of these suggestions were excellent, but I had already planned and written the Chapter 6 twist to the story line and the final two chapters of the story. If you go back and analyze the story, you will see that until Chapter 8 the story line did not have a clear plot. It sort of wandered along like a typical love story.

I have a few ideas for Jim, Cathy, and Sam's future activities, but mostly I have not developed any specific activities. The activities I will develop shall fall within the broad outline of the four Tasks Jim agreed to perform, but that leaves me with a very wide scope of possibilities.

Should any of you have ideas for how Jim fulfills the four tasks, I will be happy to consider them. One of my readers, Steve, gave me his take on where the story would head after I posted Chapter 2. Part of his scenario had John, the injured fireman, taking on the role of Jim's father figure. At that point, John was just a bit player. However, I liked the idea and decided to bring John back and develop his role such that he becomes either a supporting or a main character; I haven't worked that out.

If you do provide me with input all I ask is:

1) The idea fall in the scope of Jim's mission as defined in Chapter 8.

2) My writing style for sex scenes is mostly what I consider erotic writing, so if you have ideas for a sex scene, I hope they will fit into that writing style.

To expand on that concept, I evaluate sex scenes using a scale. At one end of the scale is the Erotic style of writing and at the other end is the Pornographic style of writing. Most writers fall between these two extremes. I don't consider either style inappropriate; it is just that we each have our personal preferences. My personal definition of the two styles is that in the Erotic style, the writer focuses on the participant's emotions and feelings to arouse the reader, and in the Pornographic style, the writer focuses on the mechanics of the sex act to arouse the reader.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the story. I need to start on the next installment of the saga, however, I currently have a couple of new stories approaching the point of completion, so I will be working on those first.