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Modern Porn Clarification

June 18, 2014
Posted at 12:19 pm

I poorly tried to say before is that in a society that tries to tell us there is no diffrence between men or women (which means we are interchangeable) that my scenario of a man and a woman being fucked by another man makes sense.

I think we're a long way off from that acceptance as a whole.

Some men wrote me saying they've experimented. I've experimented with girls. We're curious people. Nothing wrong with that.

Now if my boyfriend wanted to bring another guy over to have sex with me I would insist that that guy have sex with my boyfriend also. I would then hope my boyfriend turns it down. I don't want to sleep with that other guy anyway, at least while your my boyfriend.

The thing I've noticed is over all women want one man at a time and men want many girls.

Hopefully this is my last clarify but somehow I dout it.