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Possibly Thoughts???

June 17, 2014
Posted at 3:29 am

I've learned a few things since my blog post. The word "squick" and who Crowley is.

Squick is a big reason MM doesn't happen during a threesome with a woman.

What the future holds for porn may be intresting as society changes. If people can self decide if they are male or female, does this change porn? Probably not anytime soon.

Personnaly I think the news about preschoolers saying they're girls when born boys and people saying how great parents are for accepting it is so stupid. What does a little kid know? He'll change his mind next week.

I'm born a woman and will always be a woman no matter how I dress or act.

Why assume the mind is right but the body is wrong? The body could be right and the thinking temporarily wrong.

Trying to understand life,