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June 14, 2014
Posted at 1:45 pm

Thoughts; A Modern Porn Family

I'm sure everyone here watches porn occasionally whether male or female. I prefer affection and love and don't like when guys get rough with a girl (though I'm sure I'll explore that in my stories just to write a little bit of everything )

Now if there is a threesome, for two girls and a guy they will do lesbian love with each other. For two guys and a one girl, the guys take turns with the girl or she's fucking and sucking at the same time (or more).

If porn was modern then when it's two guys and a girl, the guy fucking a girl should be sucking the other guys dick at the same time. Or switch back and forth between the guy or the girl sucking. Or have a guy and girl next to each other and the other guy takes turns fucking each ass. Use her pussy too if you want.

There may be something like this out there but not enough to take porn into modern times.