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The Jade Force of Misera

June 13, 2014
Posted at 2:27 pm

I'm back and posting a new set of stories taking place in a fantasy world. It is a fantasy world with a completely different geography than our dear little world (I'm trying to figure out how to post the map). There are only human beings living in this world (no elves, dwarves, or ogres) and countries with names similar to countries in our world. It isn't our world, but it has the same problems as those that plague our world -- war, famine, disease, politics, and casual indifference to the suffering of others.

Yes, Vam is a lot like Vietnam. I had readers write to me that if I wanted to write about Vietnam, then I should have kept the name, damn it. I'm not writing about Vietnam, although I did borrow the emotions that use of such a similarity in names would provoke. Based on some of the feedback I've received, it would appear that I did tap into some very strong emotions.

The country could have been called Quani (for Iraq) or Stanistan ( for Afghanistan). It isn't the name of the war or the place in which it was fought that is significant, but that underlying indifference to shedding the blood of young men and women that politics seemed to demand for reasons which are never quite clear, although the need is voiced in quite patriotic language. When it starts to get ugly, we turn away from what little had been gained, wipe our hands as if to wash them of something dirty, all the while declaring a victory, such as it was.

Perhaps a world that approaches war with such indifference needs to be reminded what war really is. War is horrible. War is ugly. War should not be a threat used as a negotiating ploy, but as a last resort for when negotiations have completely failed, and the state's existence is truly threatened. War isn't about slaughtering as many pawns as possible, but it is about capturing kings -- yet kings don't even appear in wars today. War has become a game played according to nonsense rules.

So I thought, what if there was an army that actually fought wars knowing that you don't kill a snake by cutting its feet off, but by cutting off its head? Wouldn't that shake things up! Thus, the idea for the Jade Force of Misera was born.

I hope you enjoy the collection of stories I'm putting together. However, I know that many readers won't like the stories and may even hate them, since they touch upon a multitude of subjects that provoke strong emotions in many people. All I can say is - I feel these are stories that should be told.