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"Aww fuck me" disaster.

June 13, 2014
Posted at 12:55 am

Greeting all I'm Grey Dragon

This would be my first Blog posting here, in fact my first Blog ever.

I had hoped, wished that that maybe a few would read my story. It turns out a lot of people have downloaded it, I can't be sure how many have read those down loads, but if even half have it is far more than I had ever hoped for, and the number of comments offering help and positive support has been nothing less than staggering.

But with this being my first time to post a story to SOL and having read of how easy it was to do so, I took the plunge.

How hard could it be? Well I guess it's as hard as I can make it on myself. As fool proof as they have made it, there is always someone like myself who can manage to foul it up. That is on me.

I will get better at posting, and learn from my mistakes. The errors are mine alone, I got careless, and didn't check my work before submitting it, so the second chapter looks like hell warmed over, believe me when I say my original looks nothing like what ended up as what you seen.

I will be resubmitting the chapter, and the gods willing this will have become a bad dream that we can all laugh about later. Well that is the plan.

For those who came in late and hopefully after I made those corrections count yourselves lucky, it was an "Aww fuck me" disaster.